Ask Ketchup Bottle!
Hiya Ketchup!

Elliotttt!!  How are youuuu??

have you ever had a serious relationship? :'D

Actually, yessss!!  I used to date a girl named Tea Potttt.  I almost asked her to marry me, in factttt!!  But we broke up because she moved awayyyy….  I can’t say I don’t miss her, but I’m over her and I hope she’s doing goodddd!!


Thissss….  This tastes kinda grosssss….  No offence, thoughhhh.

FUCK YES. You get beer and you DRINK IT

Okkkk!  Where’s the beerrrr?

Will you get drunk with me

Sureeee!  How do we get drunkkkk?


Do you get to talk to other condiments at all? If so what do you talk about?

Well once I was on this shelf with some friends, and cereal was in the other roommmm.  We had just told him we were going to be quite so he could sleep, and *snicker* sack fell off of the *snicker* shelf, and he landed with this big thud, and then *giggle* cereal was yelling so hard and we were all laughing, and then sack just *giggle* just *giggle* just was like “ouch”, and, and, just the way he said it, was just so *giggle* hilarioussss…….  I’m sorry, am I babbling? 

Hey you know you're a star now right? :D

No, I didn’t knowwww!!  Where is this coming frommmm??  What is making me a starrrr??  I’m so excited, I don’t even know what’s going onnnn!!  What’s going onnnn??

What do you think of Mr. Satan?

He smells nastyyyy!!

I'm not silly...

Sure you areeee!!